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The following details the naturopathic approach I took as an alternative to conventional medicine in the treatment of my triple negative breast tumour (ie does not respond to oestrogen, progesterone or herceptin).

There are many areas of my life that I have changed. I do not know which of the items detailed below had an effect of my tumour. It may have been just one thing that I did or it could have been a combination of all of them. Due to the nature of the condition, I was unable to try just one supplement or dietary change for a few months, to see if that worked. I had to include all of the following at the same time.

The main areas I worked on were as follows:

•  Alkalising Diet

•  Supplements

•  Homoeopathy

•  Detoxing

•  Mental / Emotional

•  Miscellaneous


Alkalising Diet

Based upon the work of Otto Warburg, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931 for his work with cancer cells. He discovered that cancer cells thrive in an oxygen free environment and utilise sugars for their fuel. "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar." -- Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture.

In order to monitor its effectiveness, I measured my urine PH level every morning and evening. Although urine PH is not a direct measure of the alkalinity within the body, it does give a reading of what is being eliminated and therefore a general indication of the overall state of the body. I aimed to maintain a reading of 8 to 8.5, i.e. very alkaline. Information I gleaned from the internet suggested a range of 6.5-7.5 for a healthy body and greater than 8 where any pathology was present.

I alkalised my diet as much as possible. In particular I:

•  Eliminated all sugar and sugar products (including artificial sweeteners). Natural sugar in the form of fruit was OK in moderation. If I wanted something sweet, I ate a few grapes or melon.

•  Eliminated all cow's dairy with the exception of organic butter. (Based upon "Your Life in Your Hands: Understand, Prevent and Overcome Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer" by Jane Plant"). When I wanted some dairy I ate goat's cheese and yoghurt or sheep's cheese e.g. feta. I drank Rice Dream as an alternative to milk. I could have used soya milk, but I have a personal intolerance to soya milk.

•  Eliminated all white flour products and white rice products. If I wanted bread, I ate wholemeal or better still, spelt products. For rice I used brown rice or occasionally wild rice. I ate quinoa as an alternative.

•  Avoided all red meat - beef, pork, lamb etc. I ate a little chicken and occasional fish, but only 2 or 3 times a week.

•  Eliminated alcohol, coffee, soft drinks (including sugar free), tea (including rooibos). I drank only filtered or bottled water or bambu coffee substitute or herbal infusions.

•  Ate as many vegetables as possible. Lots of salads and products in season. Eating organic where possible.

•  Drank at least 2 juices a day (I invested in the best juicer I could afford). In the morning I made a delicious juice of organic apple, carrot, whole lemon and ginger. Later in the day I made a veggie juice, with several green vegetables e.g. cabbage, kale, chard, watercress, spinach or whatever was in season, organic where possible. To this I also added some red pepper, yellow pepper, red cabbage or beetroot.

•  To aid the alkalising process I took a teaspoon on bicarbonate of soda, dissolved in water, every morning and evening.

•  Aimed to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day (filtered or bottled only).

Click HERE for a pdf of the basic alkalising chart I followed. I don't know the original source of this image, but it is widely available on the internet. Many apologies if using this image contravenes any copyright.



I took many supplements covering several areas:

General well being and boosting the immune system

•  Vitamin C

1000mg 4 times a day

•  A good Female multivitamin / mineral combination

Solgar Female Multivit: 1 tablet twice daily

•  Omega 3

1000mb twice daily

•  Combined antioxidants
(contains: grape seed, green tea, mixed berry, turmeric, oregano, broccoli sprout, alpha lipoic acid, lycopene complex, lutein complex, astaxanthin, olive leaf, beetroot, watercress, carrot, garlic)

Higher Nature's Superphyt. 1 tablet twice daily

•  Co Enzyme Q10

30mg twice daily

•  Vitamin K

75Ám once daily

•  Vitamin D3

62.5Ám twice daily

Liver, Spleen and Kidney support
The liver is the main organ of elimination and therefore is clearing toxicity from the body. The kidneys and spleen are also important in this process.

•  Combined Herbal tincture of Chelidonium, Ceanothus, Cardus-Mar, and Berberis Vulgaris in equal parts

15-20 drops twice daily in water

•  A Liver supplement in tablet form.
(Containing: dandelion root, turmeric root, artichoke leaf, Schisandra Berry, Sea Buckthorn Berry/Leaf, Green Tea Leaf, Kale, Green Barley Grass, Stabilised Rice Bran)

1 tablet twice daily


Direct action on the tumours
The following supplements are reputed to have a direct effect of malignant tumours.

•  Resvertrol (polygonium cuspidatum)

200mg twice daily

•  Mistletoe Herb Extract

200mg twice daily

•  Virxcan X
(Contains: tricalcium phosphate, zinc, potassium, magnesium, 12 trace minerals and natural minerals found in herbs blended in a base of synergistic components)

1 tablet twice daily (www.sunstoneformulas.com)

•  Vitamin B17, in the form of organic apricot kernels.

Started with 1 kernel twice daily, building up to 6 kernels, 4 times a day over several weeks.

(If at any time there was any light headedness or dizziness after increasing, the quality was decreased again for several days before increase was attempted again.)

•  Salvestrol

"Salvestrols: Nature's Defence Against Cancer: Linking Diet & Cancer" Brian A Schaefer, ISBN 9781477554111

1 Platinum "2000" point tablet twice daily.





I received personalised homoeopathic prescriptions from a professional, experienced homoeopath on a continuous basis. As homoeopathic remedies are based upon the individual symptoms being shown on a physical, emotional and mental level, the remedies given to me may not be the same as those given to another person with a similar breast cancer. Therefore it is inappropriate for me to say exactly what remedies I was given.

However, there are several remedies that are commonly available that helped considerable in acute situations:

Aconite 200c Shock of the diagnosis
Fear of appointments
Fear of dying
Radium Bromide combined with X-ray 200c One tablet twice daily for several days after an X-ray or CT scan
Arnica 200c One tablet twice daily for a few days, to reduce the bruising after a biopsy, or bruised blood test site
Bach Rescue Remedy A few drops directly under the tongue at any time I felt anxious, frightened, overly emotional etc.



To help remove the unwanted toxins from the body, in addition to the supplements and alkalizing diet that promoted the detoxification, I used the following methods. At least one of the following each day:

•  Dry body brushing

•  Sauna / steam bath

•  Soak in a hot bath with Himalayan salt.

•  Hot footbath

•  Detox foot patches

•  Alternate hot and cold pads over the liver area

•  Liver cleanse

•  Oil mouth swill



Mental / Emotional
As I believe that a malignant tumour is a symptom of a body is disharmony and not the disease itself, it was important for me to work on my emotions and mental state as well as events that had been prominent in my life. I believe that everything that has happened in my life to this point in time has contributed to me developing cancer. I therefore have to change the 'soil /environment' of my body, so it is in harmony and so a cancer cannot survive.

•  Affirmations: Based upon the work of Louise Hey and others. I created several positive affirmations which I said at least twice daily. Once in a while I changed my affirmations depending upon circumstances.

•  Visualizations: Some people prefer to visualise their cancer being attacked and destroyed. For me, it seemed more appropriate to surround it in pure unconditional love and to be grateful for the life lessons and challenges it had brought me, allowing me to grow spiritually.

•  Meditations: helped me to relax, reduce stress and to view the whole situation from a calm centred position.

•  Self-healing using magnified healing and angelic reiki.

•  Taught myself EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which helped me to deal with emotions as they arose e.g. anger, worry, fear, upset, 'why me' etc.

•  Placed on the healing lists of many friends and organizations to receive absent healing / prayers on a regular basis.

•  Attended regular monthly sessions from an experienced healer.




Electromagnetic radiation

I reduced exposure to electromagnetic radiation as much as possible:

•  Limited the amount of time using computers.

•  Limited the amount of time on mobile phones. Turning off the phone when not in use and at night.

•  Reduced the use of microwave ovens (takes the life energy out of food)



The immune system works more efficiently during our sleep, especially if the period of continuous sleep is 6 hours or more. Any stress produces adrenaline, which prevents the immune system from working as well.

•  I reduced the amount of stimulus after 7pm:

•  I avoided watching the news - too much negativity and shocking stories can cause an adrenaline rush.

•  I avoided electromagnetic energy - turned off the computer and mobile phone (used the mobile only in emergencies).

•  I avoided contact with people (including land line) who cause stress or negativity. If the phone rang and I reacted with "oh no not them" when I saw their name, I didn't answer the call. I let them leave a message and called them back in the morning.

•  I was discerning about the TV programmes or films I watched in the evening. Something high action, violent or very exciting causes adrenaline production.

•  Dark room: I ensured my curtains were thick especially important during the summer and during a full moon. At times I used an eye mask to make it darker.

•  Meal /drink

•  I tried to eat my last full meal, at least 3 hours before retiring to bed, especially if there are abundant carbohydrates in the meal, as these take longer to digest.

•  I avoided stimulants - coffee /tea /alcohol before retiring to bed.

•  Temperature: I maintained a room temperature that was comfortable, adjusting nightclothes, bedclothes, radiator, window etc.

•  Comfortable bed /pillow.



I tried to exercise more. Initially walking and swimming more frequently. Eventually I joined a gym and attended at least once a week.




Disclaimer: This web site details my personal journey with cancer and the naturopathic programme I followed. It is for interest only and does not make any claims or suggestions about the treatment of cancer for other people. If you have any questions or concerns about your own health, cancer symptoms or treatment, please discuss them with your own GP or health care professionals.

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